Reverse Mortgage

We are experts in closing Reverse mortgages for purchasing a new property or refinancing your existing loan. A Reverse Mortgage is perfect for Seniors who are at least 62 Years old and own their home or are looking to buy a new property and never have a mortgage payment for life! Real estate taxes, insurance and maintenance fees continue to be the responsibility of the homeowner.

What is Reverse Mortgage?

A Reverse Mortgage is a HUD/FHA insured loan for seniors 62 Years of age or older, who either own their own home and are looking To refinance or wish to purchase a new home with no mortgage payments for life! The homeowner would still be responsible for real estate taxes, insurance and other property charges. This is a non-resource loan, with no prepayment penalty!

  1.  One Senior has to be 62 years of age, the spouse can be younger
  2.  No mortgage payment for life!
  3.  Continue paying real estate taxes, insurance and maintenance as usual
  4.  Competitive rates

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